Civil War


About the Event

Civil War-2020 is a National-Level Business Quiz by ACUMEN - the Quizzing and Debating Society of KJ SIMSR. Held in association with Melange, the annual Fest of KJ SIMSR, it is open to students from both undergraduate and postgraduate colleges.
It promises to deliver what ACUMEN has consistently offered over the years: an exhilarating quizzing experience.

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Event Format :

The format is simple: Written prelims followed by finals.

Event Rules :

> The questions would be based on general business acumen.
> Teams consist of 2 participants.
> The quiz is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate colleges.
> Both participants should be from the same college.

For more details, please contact:

Sameer Gupta | 9811219982

Vyom Bhatnagar | 8126888257