About the Event

Considering the today’s competitive scenario, cost optimization, decision making ability, strategizing and planning are very crucial to succeed in business and also for an efficient supply chain management.
Ever wonder how supply chain managers use forecasting to plan their distribution activities? How they select the best mode of transportation? What strategies they use to optimize the cost?
So Well!! Be ready to put yourself in the manager’s shoes and get involved in operating a production and distribution system.
OpsQuest (Simulation War Game) is an inter college competition held as a part of Melange – the annual management festival of K.J. SIMSR. It is a simulation game with perfect mixture of supply, distribution and forecasting.
It’s not just a competition but a platform to learn where participants need to plan production, supply and distribution based on the expected demand.

Event Format :

  • Team Size: 3-4 Members per Team
  • Open to all colleges (both Undergraduate and Postgraduate) with a valid I-Card.

Rules :

  • No change in team structure will be entertained after registration of the team.
  • One participant cannot be a part of more than one team.
  • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgment will be with the organizing committee of OpsQuest.

Registration Links