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About Us

Recognized as India’s most trusted NGO, Child Rights and You (CRY) works tirelessly to ensure happier and healthier childhoods for India’s underprivileged children. We address children’s critical needs by working with parents, teachers, Anganwadi workers, communities, district and state level governments as well as the children themselves. Over the last 4 decades, we have impacted the lives of over 3 million children across 19 states in India.

Areas of Intervention

  • Education: Ensuring that children go to school and complete their education.
  • Health & Nutrition: Increasing access to proper nutrition and quality healthcare.
  • Safety & Protection: Addressing issues like child labour, child marriage, trafficking and abuse
  • Child Participation: Creating an environment where children's voices are heard and considered.

Organizational Impact

In 2019-20, CRY has impacted the lives of over 6.8 lakh underprivileged children in India.

  • 1,63,541 children in CRY project areas, between the ages of 6-18 years, in school.
  • 97% children in CRY project areas, under the age of 1 year, immunized.
  • 88% children in CRY project areas, under the age of 5 years, free from malnutrition.
  • 2,064 children in CRY project areas rescued from child labour, child marriage & child trafficking.

Stories of Hope

How Rohit Became A Military Police Cadet

Rohit was forced to drop out of school and work as a security guard when his father, a rickshaw puller, fell seriously ill. He moved far away from his home and became a child labourer to support his family. CRY project DEEP found out about his predicament, counselled his father and helped the family raise money from their tribe’s Traditional Governance Unit to fund Rohit’s education. Today, he is a part of the Bihar Military Police Academy and hopes to make his nation proud!

Becoming An Aeronautical Engineer

Muthumanoranjini, from a Dalit community in Tamil Nadu, was inspired by Kalpana Chawla to become an astronaut. Despite excelling in school, her parents refused to support her dream thinking that it was a male dominated profession. Not wanting her to let go of her dream, CRY project HREPC not only counselled her parents but also helped her get a scholarship to study aeronautical engineering. Today, Muthumanoranjini is the first in her family to go to college and has already secured first rank in her first year!

Beating Child Marriage To Become A Police Officer

Asha was born into a poor family living in a small village near Latur. Despite her commitment to get an education, her parents asked her to drop out of school and get married after 10th grade. CRY’s adolescent girls group reached out to her parents and convinced them to allow her to study further. Not only did Asha go back to school but also went on to become the first ever woman police officer in her village in Latur!

Volunteering with CRY

Volunteering at CRY is a transformational learning experience that will enable you to make a difference where it’s needed the most.

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Our Volunteering Programs

At CRY, we believe that everyone can make a difference in their own unique way. This is why we have a variety of volunteering programs for you to choose from.

  • Child Rights Leaders Program
  • Community Volunteering
  • Internships
  • Remote Volunteering
  • Student Volunteering