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About Us

Decathlon Sports was founded in 1976 in France. We aim to make the pleasure and benefit of sports available for everyone across the globe and we do that by providing world-class products both for enthusiastic beginners as well as passionate professionals at extremely affordable prices. We believe that the pleasure and benefits of sports contribute to the good health, balanced education, social integration and sustainable development the world over.

Decathlon holds top ranking in the European retail market including 74,000+ team members and 1106 stores all over the world in 40+ countries. Moreover, Decathlon offers 350 jobs/ positions across the organization including Retail, Logistics, E-commerce, Production, Finance etc.

In India, it is our aim to do our best to help Indians play more by paying less for their sports equipment. It is our commitment to attract and nurture talent to create growth opportunities in-sync with our progress in India. Decathlon Sports has been present in India for more than 10 years with 81 stores across 23+ cities in India. Currently, we would require talent in Retail for the position of Sports player and Sports leaders for our existing and upcoming project in multiple cities.