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About Us

Elearnmarkets.com is a young vibrant company established with the vision of taking online financial education to a new level, both in India and abroad. Guided by our mission of spreading financial literacy, we are constantly experimenting with new education methodologies and technologies to make financial education convenient, effective, and accessible to all. Whether you are a student seeking insights into various aspects of the financial markets or a job; or a working professional looking for a promotion or better career prospects, elearnmarkets.com is the best place to be in. This is where elearnmarkets.com stands out. Our courses are designed by some of the best financial experts in India. Being practicing market professionals, they really understand what is required to prepare you for the exciting career opportunities that will come your way.

Financial literacy through Elearnmarkets.com

Anyone can access the Elearnmarkets portal to access a variety of online educational resources and learn at their own convenience. These include Financial Courses in form of:

  • Expert-led Recorded Programs Included in our online course library are several premium and free courses that teach you the basics of financial markets.
  • Live interactive sessions (webinars): Live & recorded webinars on financial markets and career prospects in the capital markets are available for you to view at any time and from any place of your choice.
  • E-books: There are various e-books on capital markets and technical analysis, which you can download and read at your convenience.
  • ELM School - Read and learn for FREE from various text based modules covering all aspects of financial market.
  • Evaluation and test analysis: We will conduct chapter-wise quizzes and module tests during the course to test your understanding.
  • Interactive learning tools: Your learning will not be complete unless you know how to apply it practically in a live market setup.
  • Community: Have a question? We have a vibrant forum where people like you meet and interact online. Feel free to post your query on this forum and get it answered by an expert or by other users.
  • Live Market Data Analytics: You can visit our blog to read live market analysis and articles containing recent updates in financial markets and view videos where we analyze news daily.
  • Seminars We believe that the best way to spread financial literacy is to educate the youngsters.
Elearnmarkets also provides wide range of options for free learning in form of Blogs, Courses, Webinars, Games, Quizzes and short videos by some of the best and well known financial experts in Face2Face.