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About Us

Soothe Healthcare is a ‘Spirit of Manufacturing’ award winning company engaged in manufacturing, marketing and distributing personal hygiene products. Our vision is to improve the quality of life of the community we live in. We are a professionally owned and managed company with customer centricity and innovation in our core beliefs. With 65% women employees and women at ownership level, our focus is feminine hygiene. Soothe has made significant investments in manufacturing facilities and establishing a household brand, Paree®, of high-quality sanitary pads that are trusted by lakhs of consumers.

Founder and Chief Executive – Sahil Dharia

Sahil is a global executive turned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience setting up, scaling and leading Financial Services business with a multinational corp. as well as a consumer goods (FMCG) venture. He is the founder of Soothe Healthcare, a consumer healthcare company engaged in manufacturing, marketing and distributing women’s personal hygiene brand Paree – sanitary pads. He started his career on the ‘buy-side’ in New York at UBS Investment Bank and then managed the high visibility derivatives desk at Reuters, New York.
Paree, a leading brand of sanitary pads, is trusted by lakhs of girls. It provides a comfortable and clean experience during periods. Just like your best friend, Paree understands your needs on heavy flow days. Paree’s Heavy Flow Champion sanitary pads adhere to global standards and provide soft and hygienic comfort.

Our Brand USP

Paree is a progressive Indian brand that caters to the personal hygiene needs of the many avatars of the progressive Indian woman.

Paree is a one of its kind Sanitary Pad in India that offers the best-in-class construction using imported raw materials. We are an innovator company and invest in R&D to provide better products for our customers. Paree pads are made on best in class fully automated machines at 1000 pads a minute. Our plant is the only in India with US FDA registration, BIS (ISI) Mark and ISO certifications.

Paree has invariably been ahead of the curve as and when it comes to women’s hygiene, we believe in solving the real problems faced by the girls such as heavy flow.

We use our voice and campaigns like #SheFirstto advocate the importance of women’s personal hygiene and encourage them to prioritize their menstrual health.

Product Portfolio

Paree’s innovative Heavy Flow Champion pads use a unique channel flow and core formation. This special combination provides superior performance which absorbs within 3 seconds and gives a soft feel leading to a rash-free and worriless experience. Paree sanitary pads have been tested and proved to be the fastest absorbing napkin which can absorb in just 3 seconds - we are very proud of our product!

Paree is a full-service sanitary pad brand with product variants ranging from premium ultra-thin pads to regular straight ones. We have a product to suit every woman’s menstrual hygiene needs. The price range is from Rs.180/pack for the higher variants to Rs.25/pack for the straight pack.

Other brands by Soothe Healthcare

  • Pariz by Paree - premium sanitary pads that o-er the best comfort and hygiene.
  • Super Cutes – India’s first premium ultra thin pull-up diaper for keeping babies happy, comfortable & dry.