Zinglin Campus Challenge


About the Event

Participate in the ZINGLIN CAMPUS CHALLENGE, an intra-college competition by registering yourself on the application as a ZINGMATE through your campus ambassadors and win cash prizes, goodies, and get showcased at the UFO cinema screens!

Are you a Singe, Painter, Actor, Dancer, Rapper, Fitness Enthusiast, or Budding Influencer? Then showcase your skills, make videos, and get featured on the Big Screen for a month. So what are you waiting for start making your videos and get going? Use hashtag #SomaiyaTrenders #MadeOnZinglin

Also, participate in the ongoing weekly challenges to win additional prizes and goodies!
Contact Ambassadors:
Nishi Jain: +91 9977586044
Ayushi Patidar: +91 8770242349
Rutvi Mehta: +91 7506606720