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At least nine new songs are being composed every nanosecond. There’re at least five that get ready for release every minute. Our endeavor is to bring every melody to light, every rhythm to life. An artist and a fan complete each other. In fact, you need more of the other. Here’s a place for both.
Welcome to GrooveNexus - a new age entertainment and media place.
Where artists are spotted and spotlighted. Where fans get connected to independent musicians and bands, and their music.
If you are a pro musician of any form, composer, singer, instrumentalist, arranger, DJ, band, or any other, join the Nexus. The world is your stage, let’s set that up for you. Socialize your creations. Extend your fan base. Be heard, like never before. And if you have exclusives, let’s make the most of it for you. If you are a music fan, do you need another reason to be here? There’s a lot for you, like nowhere else. A lot of exclusive content that’s carefully handpicked and curated by passionate connoisseurs of music. Songs, artists, their stories, news, reviews, events to be in, and a whole lot more! And there’re new additions especially for you, by the minute.
Artists need to be heard. Fans need to hear. GrooveNexus is the binder.
GrooveNexus is a content platform for young and independent music artists and youth brands. Right from music artists' interviews, career-related guidance, music reviews, music industry related news, college festivals and music festivals reviews, we do it all. We help artists grow their presence and fanbase on and off social media. Technology forms our backbone, and we use breakthrough techniques to create a better branding experience for music artists and bring entertainment industry news to our readers. We ignite passion and persistence to translate a collective vision for creating delightful experiences by making music an integral part of everyone's life.